I feel like I’m waiting for a blind date to arrive – running through all of the things I’d like to say as an intro. Do I say “Hello? Hi? ‘Sup?” Regardless, the buzz of starting something new is too exciting. Let’s jump in!

Welcome to Revolution Pictures’ new blog space! I’d tell you wipe your feet on the ‘Welcome’ mat, but this is all virtual 1’s and 0’s. Make believe. Digital sorcery. It’s here where we will explore several different topics – content that inspires us, tips and tricks in the film industry, interviews with creators we’ve worked with, news in video marketing, and news in the Revolution world.

Our blog will be a fun space to learn something new, talk about creative stuff that we’re passionate about, and to explore how we reach audiences with dynamic, positive storytelling. We’re so excited for you to learn more about why we do what we do, and to engage with you as well. Most of the time, it will be Benton Olivares writing, but occasionally there will be guest writers and posts from directors, editors, VFX artists and a myriad of other cool people.

Poke around, click on some things, check out our videos – we’re looking forward to having you here!