Tell Us, Don’t Sell Us


We’ve all been there – the titillating moment when you’re watching an online video, and you’re waiting for that ‘Skip Ad’ button to light up. Bam! I pressed the button. I wasn’t interested, and now I’m watching the baby monkey ride on the back of a teacup pig.

According to a Nielson and Simulmedia report, three-fourths of Americans have high speed internet, and online video accounts for 50% of mobile traffic. That’s a potential audience of 150 million people. That’s 300 million eyeballs! (That wasn’t officially reported, but allow me to flex my arithmetic muscle, here. It isn’t flexed often.) Moreover, online video content is inherently more trackable. The Drum reported that content that featured real people, emotion, and humor produced 15% more memory impressions in consumers. Are you really going to question scientists? They have clipboards! Data-driven, precision storytelling is the most effective course of getting your brand out there.

The world of consuming content has given the power to the audience. People pay money to subscribe to services that completely nix ads all together, which is a huge shift from the old guard of commercials ruling the TV landscape. Services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and YouTube Red offer options that allow their consumers to never see an ad. In all of this shake-up, where do brands fall? What’s the path, now?

Brands such as Red Bull, RAM Truck, and Acura have invested in original branded content to compete with quality of programming that the web has to offer. Industry-wide, online and mobile video content has become the most precise way to target audiences and increase brand awareness. It’s all about telling stories.

Compelling stories are always in demand – people are paying money to watch them, and the opportunities that the internet provides is astronomical. The way to enhance your reach and resonance with audiences is through online video marketing; however, it’s more than that. You must engage your target audiences with stories that connect with them.

Revolution Pictures represents some of the most dynamic, compelling storytellers. We believe that the way to win consumers is through their hearts. 

Chick-Fil-A, with Russell Brownley, created a brand video that told the story of Brad, a teenager who works to provide for his family while finding time to give back to his community. It doesn’t focus on the newest deals for food, or introduce a new beverage. It tells a real story about this young man’s drive, and how Chick-Fil-A supports a spirit like his. 

Make content that audiences want to watch. Be a brand that people connect with. Tell a story.