Revo Turns 20

You know what I’ve never figured out? The reason why New Year’s’ “mascot” is a baby. I get it; new year, new human. However, Santa gives us gifts and raids our pantries. The Easter bunny defies all natural science and lays eggs. Cupid convinces us to fall in love by impaling us with arrows. They’re all adults with actual contributions––the New Year’s baby is just a baby. Along with my resolutions of not eating sugar, I don’t need that added responsibility. It needs changing, feeding, and, you know, I’m not sure I’m willing or mature enough to put in the time and energy for all of that.

I’d rather spend my time and energy discussing our new social media initiative that celebrates Revolution Pictures’s 20th Year Anniversary. (Breathtaking segue.) What will happen throughout the year and month to month are celebrations of Revo’s milestones. Along with that, each month will have a theme and a set of media to accompany it. There will be blog posts, social media posts, pictures, and, more importantly, “Storytime with Randy Brewer.” In each installment, Randy will regale us with his stories about Revolution’s history. The Moonman, the Great Bieber Debacle, how he arrived at calling his company Revolution Pictures.


Be sure to check back in with our website and social platforms throughout the year. Don’t worry, you’ll know when to check in because you will see our photos and posts. We’re excited to celebrate our milestone with you and to share some of the best memories that we have in our twenty years of operation. To kick it off, January celebrates the founding of Revolution Pictures in 1997. Frosted tips… Nintendo 64… Rockin’ a Space Jam VHS. Those were the days…


Written by Benton Olivares