Revo Interns | SS ’16

by Benton Olivares

We pride ourselves on our Internship program. Throughout the years, our interns have succeeded in the industry as directors, producers, and content developers for major companies all around the world. It’s that timeless adage: everyone starts somewhere. Even I started out as an intern at Revolution, and here I am – still fooling people into thinking that I am worth keeping around.

The program is educational in nature; we involve interns in every phase of production from initial conceptualization to final product, catering the program to the career that each intern aspire to in the industry. Do they want to be a cinematographer? We’ll put them in the camera department on the next shoot. Is producing something they’re interested in? They’ll be involved in the logistics and pre-production. It’s not about pouring coffee into my open mouth because I can’t be bothered with using my own hands – it’s a learning experience.

Allow me to introduce you to our Spring / Summer interns:

HunterHunter “Swing” Williams
Having lived in New Orleans, Anchorage, Kuala Lumpur, Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Hunter currently attends New York University. He’s passionate about cinematography and documentary filmmaking, yet he enjoys having a hand in any part of film production. If he could have a useless superpower, he claims that it would be an ability to see through only the first layer of a wall, only to be blocked by the opposite side.


MeganMegan “Nugget” Yocum
Megan is a rising senior at Berea College, located in central Kentucky. She is known as “Nugget” at the office due to her undying love for chicken nuggets. Megan is also passionate about film production, primarily focusing on editing. Her goal this summer is to complete some of the tasks on her buckets list, which include winning a game of Monopoly, riding a cow, and eating something poisonous and living to tell the tale. Or, at least, editing the tale.



David “Takeout” Porter
Born an east coaster, David brings his eager, inquisitive attitude wherever he goes, along with a metaphorical toolbox of mildly sharpened film abilities. Trained in theatre at Abilene Christian University, David aspires to direct narrative films that provoke and engage audiences. He loves to sing and eats without discretion. He loves to love people, and is grateful to be a part of the Revo family.


SarahSarah Fanatic” Lanning
Sarah, aka Fanatic, spends her free time cheering on the Carolina Panthers and the Carolina Tar Heels. She is a rising junior at the fabulous University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Media Production and International Film, and she aspires to work on the producing side of filmmaking.  If you ever accidentally run into her, she will probably be eating sushi, riding a jet ski, or traveling the world. 


We’re always grateful for our interns (especially Penny, who’s like the Office Mom); I’m constantly praising the heavens for their existence and their hard work. They understand that the mundane stuff all serves for a better experience. We give young creators the opportunities to learn valuable skills aiding their future career in the industry. If you’d like to inquire about our Internship program, feel free to email [email protected] for more information!