Get To Know: Jay Putnam

jayputnamName: Jay Putnam
Age: 24
Revolution Title: Business Development
Origin: Charlotte, North Carolina
Dangerous?: Bingo.

What made you want to get into video production, and why was it The Bee Movie?
When I was in high school I joined a broadcasting team.  We were responsible for weekly video announcements and a few comedy sketches. I started to understand a camera and the joys of working with a team openly, critically, and creatively. Since then, I have been drawn to video production as a source of collaboration, creativity, and spontaneity.

I guess I can sum it up imagining Barry B. Benson corralling his fellow Bees at the drop of a hat to save the planet from life sans pollination. Gives me chills just to think about it.


Where did you go to school, and what did you study?
I went to UNC-Chapel Hill in NC.  I studied Communications Studies: Media Studies and Production and minored in both Entrepreneurship and English. English was my favorite, I loved to dive into the stories.


What’s your favorite TV show?
The Office – hands down.  It was the first show to really hook me in and it’s always stuck with me.


What are you most excited about in regards to working with Revolution Pictures?
Revolution is such an established company, but still operates with a youthful and risk-taking personality.  I am excited to be a part of a team devoted to creatively unique work, using past experience to inform how to approach and transform smoothly with changes in branded content. That’s a fascinating place to be, it feels like there is very little holding us back creatively.


Chocolate or Vanilla?


Batman or Superman?


Describe your personality using only Britney Spears lyrics.
“Some ask me questions/ ‘Why am I so real?/… That’s my prerogative’”

– Britney Spears, “My Prerogative”


Tell us about an embarrassing moment in your life. Do it.
When I was in high school I sang in the choir.  Each year we sang at graduation.  The summer following my sophomore year I was assigned to lead the choir to the front of the church where we sang and where graduation was held.  For some reason, fifteen minutes prior to our slated performance time, I thought it was time to begin walking so I began towards the front of the auditorium assuming everyone was behind me.  When I reached the front of the church (there were about 1,000 people there) I turned around to see the entire choir watching me, the entire crowd laughing at me, and our principal staring at me from the podium.  I’m pretty sure I’m in that class’s graduation video looking like a deer in headlights.