• What To Do: When You Win

    Blog_ArtOfWinning_USAOlympicsby Benton Olivares

    You’ve got the big job, and Queen’s “We are the Champions” rings in your ear like an echo chamber. There might even be a fist pump in there. However, the prospect of winning that big job can be daunting – there’s so much that could go wrong, right? I’m here to say to younger creators that winning isn’t everything in this industry; there’s a certain attitude and list of next steps that need to be achieved before you can pop the champagne (but, maybe celebrate getting the job with a glass of wine – no harm in that).

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  • Why Our Inner Child Matters

    Blog_Inspiration_LittlePrinceby Benton Olivares

    Do you know what I did with my Saturday night? As I curled up in bed, blankets swallowing me whole, I blubbered and sniffled while watching Netflix’s newest original film, The Little Prince. Now, I don’t want to hear any judgment or japes – you try watching that movie without feeling a vice grip tug on your soul’s strings. I won’t spoil the movie, but it’s an exploration of life, death, and the importance of your inner child. It got me thinking about my inner child; is he well nourished? According to my recently watched category, my inner child is probably fine. (Bob’s Burgers, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman… No, I don’t have a problem, thank you.) read more

  • VR: A New Platform for Storytellers

    VirutalReality_RevolutionPictures_RoadToVRby Benton Olivares

    Apparently, we’re two seconds away from The Matrix. 2016 saw massive strides in the virtual reality sector, and creators and marketers alike are taking notice of the intrigue and possibilities. Even on my Facebook feed I’ve seen 360 degree videos, and that blew my mind. It’s no wonder: Facebook invested $2 billion for the acquisition of Oculus. What does this mean for entertainment and storytelling? And when will our machine overlords enslave us in a virtual reality-induced coma? … Or have they done that already…? read more

  • Light the Torch! Creating Culturally Relevant Content

    Olympicsby Benton Olivares

    It’s almost time for the Olympics and for the inevitable, horrifying realization of my own squishy physique compared to the pantheon of perfected human specimens. (Oh, it takes her 4 seconds to run 40 yards? It takes me at least 30 seconds to climb out of this couch to get a soda out of the fridge.) Along with the thrilling display of sport and international cooperation, the Olympics undoubtedly ushers in a multitude of emotionally charged video content. Reportedly, there are over 7.8 billion views on YouTube alone concerning the Olympics – past events, qualifying rounds, gold medal winners, and branded content. It’s time we learned from this; creating culturally relevant content can boost brand awareness. read more

  • For The Love of Stories: A Revolution Pictures Mosaic

    Stories_Mainby Benton Olivares

    What’s in a story, and why do we love them? Is it because we love to see triumph? Is it to escape? Better quotes have been said by smarter people on the topic of stories, so I won’t try and wax poetic about the power of storytelling. Everyone here at Revolution fell in love with storytelling at some capacity – we’ve dedicated our lives to telling stories that unify, entertain, emote, or encourage. I wanted to explore how we became infatuated with stories and which ones have influenced us; starting with my own. read more

  • What Pokémon GO Teaches Us About Innovative Content

    By Benton Olivares

    I hardly want to write this article – apparently, there’s a plethora of PokéStops over at Centennial Park in Nashville, and I want a Snorlax. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a media storm like I have with Pokémon GO. The statistics and stock prices are ludicrous, Nintendo, saw a valuation increase by over $7 billion in less than 10 days; you’d almost liken it to a toddler saying that they made a trillion gazillion dollars from their lemonade stand. People are talking about Nintendo now – there were over 6 million impressions on Twitter within the first week.

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  • Reel Talk


    When you meet people, don’t you wish you could only show them the best parts of you? Too bad. This is real life. At some point, someone’s going to discover your concerning love for Lord of the Rings (who could I be talking about?!) However, there is also reel life – a weird dimension in the industry where you put your best foot forward in a succinct manner. The problem is, where do you even start to build your reel? How long should it be; what kind of music do you use; what are producers looking for in a reel; these are all questions that plague filmmakers who wish to create their very first reel.

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  • Revo Interns | SS ’16

    by Benton Olivares

    We pride ourselves on our Internship program. Throughout the years, our interns have succeeded in the industry as directors, producers, and content developers for major companies all around the world. It’s that timeless adage: everyone starts somewhere. Even I started out as an intern at Revolution, and here I am – still fooling people into thinking that I am worth keeping around. read more

  • Tell Us, Don’t Sell Us


    We’ve all been there – the titillating moment when you’re watching an online video, and you’re waiting for that ‘Skip Ad’ button to light up. Bam! I pressed the button. I wasn’t interested, and now I’m watching the baby monkey ride on the back of a teacup pig. read more

  • Josh Abbot Band | Wasn’t That Drunk

    Q&A with director
    Evan Kaufmann

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