• Wes Anderson x H&M


    Clocking in under 4-minutes, Wes Anderson’s short film for Swedish clothing company, H&M, is the perfect stocking stuffer for cinephiles. “Come Together” tells the story of Conductor Ralph (Adrien Brody) as he informs the passengers of the H&M Lines Train that inclement weather has delayed their arrival time by a whole half-day, and the passengers will likely miss their holiday plans with loved ones. The short film is a masterclass in camera movement, style, production design, and visual storytelling. Concurrently, it communicates a timely message with the holidays just around the corner. read more

  • Revo Film School: the Long Take


    Gather around the chalkboard, kids! In a new series, I will helm the mantle of Adjunct Film Professor and teach the varied methods and language of film. Through in depth analysis, I will outline the history, the acclaimed usage of, and the emotional goal of certain film techniques. Get out your pencils, notepads, and thinking caps. I’m about to take you on a cerebral journey; Ms. Frizzle-style! read more

  • A Hundred Years of Horror


    I remember when I used to travel with my family to go to my sister’s volleyball tournaments. Fatty concession food, Gatorade, and the smell of sweaty shoes hung over the gymnasium like a fog. After a particular tournament, we drove home and popped in a DVD: 2002s The Ring. Samara’s scaly, rotted face still haunts my nightmares. I was twelve years old, and I already knew what personified evil looked like. Ever since I’ve never been a fan of horror films. Life is scary enough, you know?

    For an extra spooky blog post, I thought it would be fun to go through the history and influences of horror films. We’ll go through the inspiration from Gothic literature to modern day scares. Boo! read more

  • The Unbreakable Superhero Breaks Netflix


    Sweet Christmas! Luke Cage barreled its way onto Netflix on September 30th to huge anticipation. So much so, that on Saturday at around 12pm Netflix issued a statement that their website had crashed. It’s largely believed that the sheer volume of Luke Cage viewers flocking to the streaming website was enough to cripple it. Whether or not you attribute the crash to the surge of people watching the show, there’s an undeniable fact that has risen from the circumstance: people are hungry for diversity in content.

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  • The Shallows | Apartment Shark

    Recently, we pitched high concept, out-of-the-box ideation for a commercial spot for the Blu-Ray/Digital release of
    The Shallows, a successful summer thriller. The result was a promotional video that garnered positive buzz on social media, and this study will illuminate our process of our turnkey ideation, production, and post-production services. read more

  • Get To Know: Jay Putnam

    jayputnamName: Jay Putnam
    Age: 24
    Revolution Title: Business Development
    Origin: Charlotte, North Carolina
    Dangerous?: Bingo.

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  • Whatcha Been Watching?


    In this new recurring segment, I’ll be discussing with people here at the office what they’ve been watching this past week! It’s a conversation among ourselves about the stories that we are consuming, recently. As storytellers, we are constantly inspired by the works of other artists in our film community, and we can’t help but love some of the great movies, television, and web content that is offered to us. In these discussions, we’ll explore the types of stories that are inspiring us to create more engaging content and how we yearn to keep growing as storytellers. Let’s find out what we’ve been watching this week; starting with me!

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  • Originality: Tried and True

    dailies_originalityby Benton Olivares

    I must admit, I was rather unimpressed with the big, blockbuster offerings this summer. As you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m probably the most outwardly nerdy at the Revolution Pictures office (as evidenced by my Gandalf quote), and I love to see big action films, comedies, fantasy adventures, and superhero flicks. However, this year felt a little flat–probably because the tired tropes of remakes and reboots fogged my experience. I want to explore a trend that I think people often forget: originality will always be king–evidenced by smaller films and captivating episodic content.

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  • What To Do: When You Lose

    Blog_Losingby Benton Olivares

    It’s an awful feeling. I always want to wade into a vat chocolate ice cream, when I lose. Failure, they say, is a part of life––that it’s inevitable (like that’s supposed to make it any better). Nonetheless, you can’t help but feel defeated. When it’s all said and done, much of your self-worth is staked upon your ability to be creative and do a job well done, and when someone doesn’t give you the chance to prove yourself it’s a cocktail of anger, self-doubt, and fear. What do we do when we lose? I’ve learned that there’s a few steps to take when you don’t get the job, and hopefully they help young creators deal with losing the gig. read more