Cale Glendening

Cale Glendening is a director and cinematographer who has spent the last eight years traveling the world filming on five continents in over 35 countries. He immerses himself completely in his work, not only capturing amazing places, but throwing himself into intense conditions. He’s lived with indigenous people in the rain forest, dined with cannibals along the Ganges River in India, and hunted with Kazakh-Mongolia Eagle Hunters in the remote Altai Mountains.

Cale’s passion is to film and discover the places and rare situations that most will never get to witness. Through the film medium, it is his intention to share these experiences with a global audience.

The impact of all his travels led him to work and volunteer with many non-profits. He believes it is not only imperative to give back but empower others to take action and truly make a difference in the world. His clients include Google, Red Bull, Cholula, Valvoline, Dollar General, BBC, ESPN, and Animal Planet.