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  • Year in Review

    Gather ‘round the fire, kids. Let me tell you about our 20th year of being in business. There are many heroes to this story: an alien, a solar eclipse, a physics-defying quarter, a magic set of headphones, and a garbage truck ramming through a bedroom wall. Rapid-fire year-in-review starts now!  read more

  • ‘Remand’ Wins Best Doc at the AFF

    This past week, our own Randy Brewer, executive producer of Remand, traveled to Dallas, TX to watch the screening of the film at the African Film Festival and accept the award for Best Documentary alongside the film’s stars, Tumusiime Henry and Jim Gash. Remand has been a film project that has spanned two years and two continents. It has endured the trials of sending film crews to Uganda twice to capture all of the incredible stories. This film couldn’t have happened without the help of key creatives and believers in this story, especially Angela Bassett who lent her harrowing voice as the narrator of the film. It has been an incredible experience to get to show people our hard work.

    Today, we’ll hear from Randy Brewer about how Remand came to be and its journey since being finished.

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  • Nobody Trashes TN | Campaign Launch

    This year, we teamed up with Enviromedia and the Tennessee Department of Transportation to bring a fresh, innovative way to stop littering on the highways. The concept: simple. The execution: not so easy. I sat down with the director, Sean Davé, to discuss how he interprets a creative idea, the beauty of practical effects, and what it was like for his first shoot in studio. It’s a miracle we didn’t go off on a tangent and talk about the Star Wars prequels (just kidding, we did, but I didn’t write any of that down).

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  • Get to Know: Melissa Michalak

    Melissa is our go-to freelance producer. She has worked in the industry for a number of years, which includes producing commercials for clients, such as Folgers, Audio-Technica and Valvoline. Being from Chicago, she hates that the Nashville Predators beat the Blackhawks in this years’ hockey season. (Welcome to Smashville, Melissa.) You’re likely to never meet a more kind, hardworking, generous producer in this business. Melissa puts the needs of her clients and crew members above her own, and her attitude speaks for itself. If you have Melissa on your project as a producer, count yourself extremely lucky. Now, let’s hear a little bit more from Melissa, herself:

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  • Artists + Brands

    In the age of instant and boundless knowledge, brands have a tough time staying relevant and current in their marketing campaigns. How do brands maintain their relevance when Generation Z is too busy using those pointless stickers on their iPhone? (I mean, really. Aren’t emojis basically those stickers? Who asked for those? Make a phone with better battery life.) Luckily, we’ve worked with a few brands that have stayed on the cutting edge when it comes to cultural relevance. In today’s post, we will discuss the three brand spots that we’ve done with three different clients; all of whom utilized the power of musician notoriety to further their reach. First, we’ll dive into the content that we’ve released, then we’ll invoke the logistics of why they worked.

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  • Whatcha Been Watchin? Vol. 02

    We’re near the end of January, and everyone has gotten back into the swing of work since the holiday break. The two weeks off are spent celebrating the holidays with family and friends––and watching an enormous amount of content. The holidays are a perfect time to catch up on movies and TV shows, and it’s time for another installment of ‘Whatcha Been Watchin?!

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  • Revo Turns 20

    You know what I’ve never figured out? The reason why New Year’s’ “mascot” is a baby. I get it; new year, new human. However, Santa gives us gifts and raids our pantries. The Easter bunny defies all natural science and lays eggs. Cupid convinces us to fall in love by impaling us with arrows. They’re all adults with actual contributions––the New Year’s baby is just a baby. Along with my resolutions of not eating sugar, I don’t need that added responsibility. It needs changing, feeding, and, you know, I’m not sure I’m willing or mature enough to put in the time and energy for all of that.

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  • Year in Review

    I wonder how long I can go carb-free at the beginning of the year? I give myself two and a half weeks. 2016 is coming to a close, and it’s time to reflect on the work that we’ve done this year. Sharks, monks, haunted houses, and dancing janitors; we’ve had quite the spectrum of stories in 2016. Today, I’ll be recounting the year fondly––like remembering good times while sipping cocoa and looking out the frosted window. read more

  • Revo Film School: the Long Take


    Gather around the chalkboard, kids! In a new series, I will helm the mantle of Adjunct Film Professor and teach the varied methods and language of film. Through in depth analysis, I will outline the history, the acclaimed usage of, and the emotional goal of certain film techniques. Get out your pencils, notepads, and thinking caps. I’m about to take you on a cerebral journey; Ms. Frizzle-style! read more